• Dave Koss
    August 5, 2022 at 11:11 am

    Abhorrent – That’s word describes Bill’s practices. My business partner and I decided to split
    ways amicably. Very simple paperwork. Mid June we told him the deadline was the 31st and he swiftly got started… until he got his money. Then did nothing. Didn’t write or answer calls for weeks. We left tons of messages & emails about the deadline. It came and went. Got ahold of him on the phone the next week. He would not address what happened. Deflecting back to paperwork at every turn. He finally addressed it and said it was because “oh I had to go to Kansas last weekend.” No apologies, no reason as to why we weren’t communicated with. He said he didn’t know about the deadline. He said he never got my calls. When I called him out on lies, he told me it doesn’t matter because he’s my business partner’s client, not mine. I told him he should discount this and he said ok. He never did. He assured me I would have paperwork by end of day. He sent it, but we were both out of town (Reason for Deadline). When I finally sent revisions I heard nothing. For days I would email him every morning telling him I had to leave town AGAIN soon. He never responded. My business partner called him and left a voicemail very upset. He “magically” sent an email after stating he would have something for us that day. It never showed up. He’s playing with people’s livelihoods, their money, and their families. He’s hurting people through his behavior and should be disbarred for absolute negligence. DO NOT HIRE THIS PERSON. You will absolutely regret it. The absolute worst business etiquette I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

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