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Litigation is stressful and scary which is why clients seek comfort and relatability when given an option in choosing a lawyer.


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"I was overwhelmed when my husband passed away and his life insurance policy refused to pay his death benefits. Because of, I was able to quickly find a great lawyer who handled everything to hold my insurance company accountable to their contract."

- Martha L. (Ocala, FL)

"As a lawyer, I sometimes need assistance from another lawyer on a case or need to refer a case out. Laws 101 is an extremely efficient resource to accomplish this!"

- Larry W. (Columbus, OH)

Here's what attorneys are saying:

Alison Weber

Family Law

"As a family law attorney, it's common to get gender-specific attorney requests...I've received so many more female clients from because my profile doesn't buried under pages of other attorneys.

Darnell Massey

Personal Injury, Criminal Law

"The chat feature has worked out great for me. Being able to keep the dialog going with a potential client has been instrumental in converting leads to signed clients."

Armando Hernández

Business, Immigration Law

"I got a free trial so I created my listing and it started producing results right away. It's been excellent at attracting more clients to my practice who need a Spanish speaking lawyer."

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